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Musical Fish Glue:


Yes our fish glue is used to make and repair guitars, volins and other string instruments, as well as making a fine finish on their surfaces. Learn

more on our Gelatin Dowload Page at the link below.




Norland Fish Gelatin News


     Norland Products now offers our Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen in a

     300 gram jar on our retail website.   Find our Sea SourceTM 

     Collagen at



         Age Fighting Benefits:


         Helps reduce wrinkles.

         Helps maintain joint health.

         Promotes healthy tissue growth of hair, skin and stronger nails.



         Our Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen -


          Is easy to use.

          Is a pure white fine powder.

          Has a neutral odor and taste.

          Contains no fats, carbohydrates or sugar.

          Easily dissolves in water.

           Is made in Canada from deep-sea wild fish.


Mix it into your smoothie, pancake batter, oatmeal, orange juice, soups or coffee.  It's an excellent source of protein for an added boost.          









Conflict Materials Statement:

Norland Products Inc. has not knowingly purchased or plans to purchase or use any conflict materials from the Democratic Republic of Congo or its' nine adjoining countries