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Norland Fish Gelatin






Consumer Purchases

A pure protein manufactured in Canada from the skin of deep-sea, wild fish.  Helps to promote healthy skin, nails, hair and joints.  Easy to digest. Neutral odor and taste.  Mix with your favorite drink or food.


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This is packaged without kosher supervision.. 

HiPure Liquid Gelatin

Industrial Applications

HiPure Liquid Gelatin has properties and reactivities similar to animal gelatin,

but offers much easier handling characteristics.   It can be mixed into water with simple stirring and the solution does not have to be heated to remain fluid. This opens a new field to manufacturers who never considered the chemical characteristics of gelatin before because of the gel properties.


Photoengraving Glue

Light Sensitive Applications

An excellent base for emulsions, and can be made light sensitive by the addition of sensitizers, thereby finding use in photographic processes. SDS

High Tack Fish Glue

Glue and Gelatin Applications

An organic fish glue with high initial tackiness. Excellent adhesion to wood, cardboard and leather.

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Technical Reports

Fish Gelatin
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